Berry Tryst Range


Flavor 1: Our healthiest creation yet – Lush Berry Tryst – low sugar Belgian Cocoa dark chocolate with gluten-free vegan granola, and blueberries.
Low in sugar, rich in antioxidants and fiber, these treats are as healthy and sinful as Chocolate can possibly get!🍫🔥

Flavor 2: White Chocolate lovers rejoice!😀
The next product from our Berry Tryst range is another healthy creation, and also our first white chocolate product – something we’ve spent almost a year perfecting!

Malaysian white cocoa, with pecan nuts, cherries and chia seeds. Bringing you the goodness of healthy fats, omega3 nutrients, fiber and antioxidants with a lip smacking tantalizing flavor😉

Flavor 3: Berry Tryst milk chocolate!

A treat for your taste buds, and health boost for your body 💝 Tantalising smooth milk chocolate with strawberry chunks, pistachios and flaxseeds.
⚫Omega3 & healthy fats
⚫Fiber & Antioxidants

Made To Order

Each bar is 58g. To place orders, enter your details in the form below.