My fulltime grandma/ part time top-chef, and me – featured in The Telegraph.

In was late 2015 when I started to develop an interest in chocolate. As a fitness coach, this was fairly unorthodox, right?

My grandmother was a dessert chef for 30 years. In her youth, she supplied cakes and chocolates to luxury hotels, resorts, and influencers.

I wanted to be in the chocolate business to continue the family legacy. My mother is a baker too. I’m a third generation chocolatier and didn’t want to let this go. At the same time, it was difficult to find a balance between chocolate and fitness.

So I decided to spend some time with my grandmother in the kitchen, brainstorm and work something out – and voila! Lush zero-sugar dark chocolates were born!

Today, my grandmother, Renu Rajani has come out of retirement to be our chief in-house chef at Lush chocolates, while I handle the business and marketing end.

-Vinay Bhambwani